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Hope you have really enjoyed visiting us, as much as we have enjoyed putting this website together. We wanted to make it as easy for you to get in touch as possible, so chose your preferred way. Hope to hear from you soon ;-)
Elizabeth Borg - Director

We'd love to hear from you...

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We all love an easy life, that's why we've given you all the options to contact us ;-)

By Telephone or Fax...
Tel: 0208 421 5544

By Email...

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We're still in deadlock - playing paper, scissors and stones, to see who will be featured in a Lil' video we want to put together to encourage you to get in touch ;-) We will get there, even if we have to use Tea & Cake to make it happen!
Many, many recent things have happend, but there has been no time to put these onto our blogsite!!!

Our teaching, contracts and the energizing running of the CLP Angels group has not left time to get on with these bits! - but we know these Lil' Gaps remain ;-)